Here you will read testimonials about my books, ‘A Hairdresser’s Diary’ and the sequel ‘Scissors Retired.’

This book is filled with real stories that will make you laugh, make you cry and make you realize that with hope, faith and determination you can do anything. It’s written in a way that you feel as if you’re right there with her, going through it all with her. It’s a book that you won’t put down until you’ve read the last page!

Sequal COVERChristine Hannon has a real knack for story telling, and after reading her first book “Hairdresser’s Diary” I was anxious to read “Scissors Retired.” It’s filled with compelling stories and observations of a life very well lived. Chris shows an uncommon resilience in the face of many challenges, not the least of which is her chronic pain. Her indomitable spirit shines through, making “Scissors Retired” a great read.


Good morning Chris just wanted to tell you your book is great I have finished reading it did it in 2 days . Remember the idea for your new book will you kind of started it already in chapter 39 Share a Smile take it from there I think a book needs to be out there from you how humour and not drugs or negativity speaks in your way is the only way. Laughter and friends stories and maybe some from your Blog SAS and your group on pain. But take a much needed break from writing enjoy this ride on your latest book maybe in the new year. Thanks for the memories and for including us our Grandmothers club in your book. Friends forever. Looking forward to the new chapters of another amazing stories in your next book.

What a lovely story and I almost came to tears as I read this. Your story is very believable and has good creative dialogue and characters. Very well written and I would recommend this to others.

This is a wonderful story. I like your voice. I like the dialogue. The situation was believable, and so are your characters.

This is a wonderful story and yes, I’m a tearful mess…To be God’s Hands Extended..to make a difference in someone’s life is the most awesome feeling God can share with us. Have a wonderful holiday weekend. God bless

Oh Chris, you can always make such a humorous story out of a disaster. I adore your sense of humour.


cover-finalkindleThe story continues with a zest, I can sense your growth, and your excitement as life moves along at a steady, busy pace for you.  I can appreciate the hard work you are putting forth, learning all you can about your chosen life’s work. That is pretty amazing, the way you can relate those memories so well, and keep me interested in wanting to know more! The history behind your profession is interesting, and I like hearing about the “way it was” as you saw it…keep on writing!


How well you remember the details of the beauty school, appearing as a photo in me minds’ eye, and the basement of horrors! lol. very precisely written, Chris, and a pleasure to read.


I like your choice of title, very good. I enjoyed discovering the plight of Helena and the help and support you gave to so many people. Thank you for allowing me to have an insight into your diary.


This is well written with great characters and understanding. Stays with you after you read it. Composition is well done.


I enjoyed this chapter very much, it shows your keen ability to know what you need to do, and also your compassion for others as you made your decision. Of course, the only choice for you was to go, but you took into consideration Nora’s thoughts and feelings, and that is so YOU!  The meeting with Joel and the staff was written very well, dialogue was perfect and the whole scene was believable. Didn’t note any typos or anything needing attention!!  Of course I was anticipating that “last line” you always do so well and I was not disappointed. “leaving on good terms when at all possible, was a good motto”..you continue to show growth and provide good life’s lessons.


Sometimes things happen and we take a path we never in a million years would have thought of on our own. I have a feeling this is what is happening to you.
Sad chapter, so many disappointments, and yet, your spirit and talent continue to rise above your limitations.
Nicely written, short chapter, leading to yet another change….looking forward to the next….


So many disappointments in such a short time. But yet still a tough cookie you were at twenty-eight years old. Pat yourself on the back woman you did great as far as I can see.


Betsy wrote
 I found it very interesting. I kept getting caught up in the story and having to backtrack to edit the section I just read. And the ending left me wanting to know more. Your story is so inspiring, especially that you maintain such a “can do”, positive attitude in sprite of all that has been thrown your way.
Aside from your life story, which was gripping, the view it gave of the changes in salon services (and clientele) over the decades was interesting from a historical perspective.
I remember the days of setting lotion and curlers, and ladies going out with their hair in curlers. I remember the shift to tousled, “natural” looks. I remember when the color seasons swept through America (I am a winter who always thought I was a fall–switching my color palette made a tremendous difference).
It was fascinating to hear about all that change from the perspective of a stylist.
I wish you all blessings and joy. I hope that others can read your story and be touched by it as well.
Betsy A. Riley
author/artist site      http://brws.com
publishing imprint   http://BlueDragonPress.com

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