Art – canvas, murals

Here I will share with you many of my original paintings in oil and acrylics. On other pages you will find some on  wood and paintings on clothing. I taught myself to paint starting with a sweatshirt and four paints. It was not long before I had my own clothing line which I called ‘Painted Creations.’ This was my way of deal ing with daily chronic pain.

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Paintings on my walls

Arch on wall
Window in wall
Fancy Table

9 Responses to “Art – canvas, murals”

  1. Yahobahne Says:

    Two powerful words to explain what my eyes just beheld here… “Absolutely breathtaking.” May God continue to bless you, strengthen you and continue to use you for His Glory. 😊


  2. Lucid Gypsy Says:

    So you write and paint – wow how talented you are. I see now that my photos would look lovely in your style! If you ever paint one please post it 🙂


  3. Zen and Genki Says:

    What talent! Such a pleasure to see your work!


  4. successbmine Says:

    You have some beautiful artwork, Chris. Another thing we have in common – I used to do a lot of painting as well as crafts. I have 4 posts on my blog where I share some of my artwork and photos of different crafts I have done over the years. Here is the link to Part 1: If you have a chance to take a look. Thank you for sharing yours.


  5. jackieanton Says:

    Lots of fun, we all have Flabbermouth at times. Love the art. My favorite is the mountain lion in the stone. “I’ll be back.


    • Chris Says:

      thank you so much for your visit
      please come again
      I should have my book of poems available soon
      I am working on my book A Hairdresser’s Diary as well


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