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Six years ago if someone had told me that I would have written and published a book I would have laughed. That accomplishment would have been the farthest thing from my mind. So today when I tell you I have just published my fifth book you might smile and think – not bad for a novice.

This morning when I told my 11 years old grandson what I accomplished with pride in his voice he said, “of course you did!” I could not have been more pleased.

When I started with my memoirs ‘A Hairdresser’s Diary’ it was on the suggestion and support of family. I was pleasantly surprised when my book was accepted and purchased by so many. But what surprised me the most was the book that was supposed to be about my life also turned out to be a book of inspiration. The comments, e mails and feedback were overwhelming.

I was soon approached by clients, readers, family and friends to write the sequel ‘A Hairdresser’s Diary: Scissors Retired’ . It was wonderful and humbling to have so many wanting their stories included in my book.

‘A Cut Above Discrimination’ is a short story from my first book. This is the full story of Helena and her fight to help the needy and homeless who desperately needed hair care. This was over 50 years ago and I know the struggle still goes on today.

My book of poems ‘Say it With a Poem’ was something I had been thinking about for years. I had once put the book together and had it printed and sold 300 copies to family, friends and many others via word of mouth. On one of ours moves I packed it away, until just a couple years ago when I found it again. I have since restored it as well as creating a new cover and now published it as well.

Finally after much thought I decided to write ‘Flabbermouth Moments’ these are some of the foot in mouth things I have said over the years. They are funny short stories. Things my family and friends never let me forget.

So there it is! I hope you will find one or more of my books that will tickle your fancy.

My head is spinning with more to come.

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  1. Yvonne Hertzberger Says:

    Wow. Congrats, Christine. I’m so glad you’ve come so far.

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