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  1. Norma Ginger Redin-Garcia Says:

    Dear Mrs. Hannon. I am almost finished reading your book A Hairdressers Diary, sent to me by my high school best friend. I am 62 and only a few years ago entered the beauty business after being laid off from corp America. I must say that your book is excellent and so encouraging. I feel so very encouraged by every word and page that you have written. God bless you continually in all that you do. Best Regards, Norma Redin Garcia, Walnut CA, USA.

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    • Chris Says:

      Dearest Norma Thank you so very much for your kind words. I am so pleased you enjoyed my book. Upon request I am writting a sequel and hope it to will be enjoyed by so many. Huga and blessings

      Chris By looking into the mirror of others, we come to see the reflection of ourselves Blog/ Book/ Website

      Chiron Canada

      30 Trillium Way Paris ON N3L 3R2 519 442 5009



    • Chris Says:

      Good morning Norma
      Thank you four your kind words. I have been off line for quite some time as God has decided I needed more testing I guess at 69 I have not had enough yet.
      I am on chapter 25 of my sequel “a Hairdresser’s Diary – Scissors Retired” I hope you might have a chance to read that one as well.
      Blessings Chris


    • Chris Says:

      Hi Norma
      I was just wondering how you are enjoying being in the beauty business?
      I miss it so.

      I am so glad you enjoyed my book. The sequel should be ready in just a few months.

      Thank you


    • Chris Says:

      Good afternoon Norma. I hope this finds you well. I am writing to let you know I have just finished the sequel to A Hairdresser’s Diary called A Hairdresser’s Diary: Scissors Retired and am pleased to say as of this morning it is published on Amazon, LULU, Nook, Kindle and a few others. I thought you might like to take a peek. Thank you so much.


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