Can you believe another year has come and gone? I know you have all heard the old saying “The older we get the faster time flies.” I am here to tell you if this is not true it certainly seems to be. At 72 – well not for a few days yet lol – it scares me to know I am rushing to extinction.

Like Ron ( my hubby) says “no one gets out of this life alive” so I plan on making this year the best I can for my family, friends, those who come into my life and for myself. I have made resolutions to spread only hugs, love, laughter and put all negativity on the back burner.

This way when I sail into the sunset I will have left behind good memories. This will be my resolution for each and every year I have yet to come.

Hugs to all

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Invites via FB Events

I know I cannot be the only one who has this problem. I used to live on FB but with all the hulabaloo with the US election, fighting back and forth between members and things that don’t belong on any social media site, I have been on less and less. So when a friends and family have events, parties, or places they would like me to be I do not always see the invite. I understand events that invite hundreds of people, it makes no sense to send individual e mail or messages but the private or smaller events I have been missing.

Late year I missed a 50th birthday of a friend, a shower for another friend and a  pot lunch summer gathering. Why, because I didn’t check the events page. After missing these events and asking the persons who sent the invites why they didn’t ask me they all said “It was on FB.” So I am pleading with you all, if you would like me to attend please send me an e mail or messenger me. This way if I cannot attend you will know why instead of not hearing from me at all.


Thank you for letting me rant.

New books published

Six years ago if someone had told me that I would have written and published a book I would have laughed. That accomplishment would have been the farthest thing from my mind. So today when I tell you I have just published my fifth book you might smile and think – not bad for a novice.

This morning when I told my 11 years old grandson what I accomplished with pride in his voice he said, “of course you did!” I could not have been more pleased.

When I started with my memoirs ‘A Hairdresser’s Diary’ it was on the suggestion and support of family. I was pleasantly surprised when my book was accepted and purchased by so many. But what surprised me the most was the book that was supposed to be about my life also turned out to be a book of inspiration. The comments, e mails and feedback were overwhelming.

I was soon approached by clients, readers, family and friends to write the sequel ‘A Hairdresser’s Diary: Scissors Retired’ . It was wonderful and humbling to have so many wanting their stories included in my book.

‘A Cut Above Discrimination’ is a short story from my first book. This is the full story of Helena and her fight to help the needy and homeless who desperately needed hair care. This was over 50 years ago and I know the struggle still goes on today.

My book of poems ‘Say it With a Poem’ was something I had been thinking about for years. I had once put the book together and had it printed and sold 300 copies to family, friends and many others via word of mouth. On one of ours moves I packed it away, until just a couple years ago when I found it again. I have since restored it as well as creating a new cover and now published it as well.

Finally after much thought I decided to write ‘Flabbermouth Moments’ these are some of the foot in mouth things I have said over the years. They are funny short stories. Things my family and friends never let me forget.

So there it is! I hope you will find one or more of my books that will tickle your fancy.

My head is spinning with more to come.

Please visit my website for more info.

When you find something that works

There are many of us who suffer side effects caused from the meds we take for our chronic pain or from the surgeries we’ve had. Even the inactivity due to pain plays havoc on our systems that when we find something, anything that helps elevate some of the bad side affects we want to share with everyone. Many of us have IBS, diverticulitis and many other internal problems. For years I have had issues with eating fruits and vegetables. they cause me so much pain that I would be hospitalized. I tried everything and anything that would give me the nutrients I needed to keep healthy. Then a friend gave me a sample of a green powder to mix with water or juice to try. To be honest I was not hopeful but thought “why not?” Well after I used the sample up I decided I would get a bottle and give it an honest to goodness workout.

Her is what I found:

1. What looks unappetizing has a pleasant and sweet taste.

2. I can mix it with water, juice and even mixed it in with my yogurt.

3. I have no unpleasant or painful side affects.

4. I have less bloating.

5. I have been able to cut down the amount of stimulants needed to keep my system running smoother.

To many this might now be much but to me anything that helps in anyway is a bonus.

I am not selling, I am sharing, so here is the information if anyone else needs to give this a try.

greens powder

Mom always said to eat your veggies. Greens Balance makes this easy with its spectrum of proprietary colour blends of whole fruit and vegetable powders — delivering antioxidants, phytonutrients and fibre you need to have a more balanced, healthier diet every day. Mom would be so happy. 30 servings/30-day supply

Nutrition Facts

Per scoop / par mesure (7.2 g)

Amount % Daily Value
Calories 25
Fat 0.3 g 0%
Sodium 25 mg 1%
Carbohydrate 5 g 2%
Fibre 3 g 10%
   Sugars 1 g
   Protein 2 g
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 4%
Calcium 2%
Iron 15%

INGREDIENTS / INGRÉDIENTS : inulin, spirulina, alfalfa, barley, wheat grass, chlorella, spinach, red beet, pumpkin, chia seed, quinoa, flax seed, kale, carrot, banana, mango, orange juice, papaya, peach, pineapple, sweet potato, concord grape, artichoke, broccoli, parsley, pomegranate, acerola, cherry, cranberry, raspberry, red coffee bean, tomato, black currant, blackberry, blueberry, elderberry, prune, purple sweet potato, stevia leaf extract.

Jo Anne is the friend who introduced me to this amazing product and if you think it might help you she would be happy to be of service.

Thank you Jo Anne. www.joanneorton.arbonne.com

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Silly things

As some of you know I have been trying my hand at recording an audio book for A Hairdresser’s Diary. Well it has been a hoot so far. I tried 5 times. The first time I made a million mistakes, the second time I got to the last paragraph and the phone rang and it was picked up on the recording SO back to the beginning we go. Well I did an excellent 3 Rd receding when Moka our cat jumped up n my lap and me owed right into the microphone . By now I knew the chapter off by heart no longer having t read it. So once again I was recording, the phone on mute, the cat outside yeah! This had to be the charmed time – recording #10. I was so proud of it, no mistakes, no outside noise yippee.

Well my grandson noticed that my voice could be played back in many different voices, one of them being a chipmunk. He played it over and over again, laughing so hard he could hardly breathe. I must admit it was very entertaining. But after the 100th time I heard that one word, that one haunting word, the one that should not be there, the one that made it so I would have to record the whole chapter once again. In the voice of a chipmunk I said -one bedroom school house instead  of one room school house

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Well, I have been thinking about something for sometime now. My sister in law, Cathy has a friend who wanted to read my books but could not because her eye sight is so poor. Ever since that day I have  been considering trying to do an audio book. So this morning I had my son Doug show me how to do it. I can promise nothing accept to try.Please wish me luck..

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Latest interview

Please come and read the latest interview by Baer book press. Thank you Denise

Source: Latest interview

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Latest interview


Please come and read the latest interview by Baer book press. Thank you Denise


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Anyone remember these?

Not long ago Sandi reminded me of all the paintings on tee shirts, sweat shirts, jackets etc I did and that her son now grown has kept his. Just then Kathy surprised me with a clipping out of the paper of her and I at the Paris fair selling them. Do any of my friends, family or customers remember these? It feels good to reminisce. I had 100’s of designs I only have pictures left of a handful.


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Original by Chris

Just one more and I will go on to something else.

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