Get out of my way!


The other day while at Walmart I was struggling, for the knees and back did not want to work with the brain. I was standing in line at the return desk, waiting for my husband to get a replacement for the item that fell apart. We thought it would serve two problems, one I would not have to walk far and the other I could hold his place in line. Some woman dragging her fussing child behind her pushing past me, in a very irritated voice said, “get out of the way.”  As I stumbled and glared at her she noticed my cane and spit the words out, “oh your one of those!” I looked at her unhappy child and thought, that looks like payback to me and smiled.

I am not sure what she meant by ‘one of those,’ but I deep down hope someday she will find out.

Happy Canada Day

New book on the go

pansies 2

Happy Monday everyone. Now that the sequel to ‘A Hairdresser’s Diary’ is at the editors for the last time. I have decided to start another. This book will be ‘A Life With Chronic Pain’. After over 50 years of first hand knowledge about this subject I am going to share the ups and downs of this debilitation disease. What myself and others have done to try to live a less painful life. I would love to hear your input and stories so we can help those who feel their life is over or not worth living. We know how that feels and together we can take their hand in ours and walk with them each painful step together.

Tell me your story we will make a difference.

Tid bits from my sequel of A Hairdresser’s Diary – For Sharon

butterfly (2)

It was through Lil and Norm we met Sharon and Big Bob who lived across the street. We called him Big Bob because when he stood up he blocked out the sun. He was a sweet and tender gentle giant and Sharon a caring, sweet lady. They had three lovely children, again not in our kids’ age group.It was not long before we became not only neighbours but great friends. I started painting on clothing at the suggestion of my doctor to do what would not be stressful on my back. As a result, I discovered the craft of tee shirt painting. However, Sharon was the real reason I started my hand-painting business. She purchased the very first tee shirt I ever made with butterflies and she paid me with more paints and two more shirts. There was no stopping me after that. I had no shortage of clients for my artwork on clothing.

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Happy Day oh happy day

Wow! I cannot believe it I have finally finished my third edit on my sequel make one wonder if there is an editing fairy that keeps sneaking in and putting things were they do not belong lol

I thought I would share another one of my poems with you all this morning as well.


Those lazy days, those hazy days,

Just before the spring,

Those blowy days and chilly days,

When you don’t hear the birds that sing.

Its on those days, those dreary days,

When you would like to stay in bed,

Just to dream away the hours,

With covers o’er your head.

Those days are last of winter,

T’was a time of joy and fun,

A time of snowy wonder,

But now those days are done.

I know I am discouraged,

I know that I am blue,

I know I’m not the only one,

Because you feel it too.

And then you’ll see a difference,

In the people that you meet,

And it surely won’t be long now,

We’ll complain about the heat.

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World of Darkness

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My love was like a rosebud

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