Being Thankful

It does not always have to be the big and dazzling things in life that make one thankful. Just yesterday while in Toronto Ron and I had to put in some time while waiting for an item we ordered. We decided to go visit one of the Asian grocery stores, just to be inquisitive. The grocery carts used for the store needed a coin to unlock it. I had change but the required amount was a loonie.Ron and I were just deciding who was going to go into the store and wait to see if a cashier would give us change when a young lady walked up to us and gave us the dollar and with a big smile said, “here have a great day.” I was surprised and very graciously accepted. She was gone so fast that our chances of finding her were nil. I know she would not be reading my Facebook or reading my word press but I still would like everyone to know there are kind, caring people out there and I had the honour of meeting one yesterday. When we left the store we passed the cart- paid for on to someone else. So who ever you are thank you again.

The next piece of news I have to share is very exciting and almost two and a half years in the making. I am so pleased to announce the fact I have finally published my new book. The sequel to ‘A Hairdresser’s Diary’ is ‘A Hairdresser’s Diary: Scissors Retired’

I have so many people to be thankful to. If not for so many I would have no stories to write about. I could not have done it alone. So if you have a moment please check it out. You may just find that you are right there in print. Right now my book can only been purchased or viewed at the link above but in a couple days it will be on Amazon and Kindle. Thank you all.

Dear Lord

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and we are not sure which way to turn. I wrote this piece a very long time ago. I somehow thought today I needed to post it. Maybe it will lift someone’s spirits who feels down.
Dear Lord, it’s time you take things over for me,
I’ve got too much to handle at this time,
The burdens of this life are full upon me,
And I find life’s mountain just too high to climb.
It’s not that I am shirking all my duties,
Or that I want to give them all to you,
It’s just that I have finally reached my limit,
And I know this is the only thing to do.
I need my time to be a wife and mother,
These things are more important to me now,
And once my mind is clear from other worries,
I know everything will be all right somehow.

Sequel to A Hairdresser’s Diary / Scissors Retired

Well it has been a long road, writing this sequel. I had a lot of help with editing, designing and putting together all the pages of information needed  to make sure it would be the best it could be. I am so delighted because in a few days I will be able to see this book in print. It is always exciting when everything is finally complete.

I wish I could say I did it all by myself but that would be a lie. I have to thank my editors Jo-Anne Ballarano, Ronnie Dauber and publisher Betsy A. Riley. I would be delighted if you would take the time to visit their websites.



My husband Ron designed my book cover for the first and this book. Thank you honey.

A special thank you to my family and all my friends and clients who without them I would not have had a book to write. Bless you all.

So stay tuned for within a short time I will be announcing the launch of ‘A Hairdresser’s Diary / Scissors Retired’ on Amazon in print and e book.

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Why Your Story Doesn’t Win Writing Competitions

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2284950973_c1ced20b93_mToo often, writers enter writing competitions with a great story in mind, but they don’t even come close to winning. Why not? It’s because they haven’t learned how to write effectively. The story is great, but the writer lacks the skills to put it onto paper so that it can be appreciated.

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Guest post: Christine Hannon, “A Hairdresser’s Diary”


Sue, thank you for choosing me to be on your Guest Post today. I am honoured and humbled.
Blessing Chris

Originally posted on Daily Echo:

As anyone who takes one look at my unruly mop will realise, I seldom sit in the hairdresser’s chair. Christine Hannon, however, wielded the scissors and a sympathetic ear for many years. A hairdresser will hear many stories, but it is less often that they share their own. Christine Hannon has been a model, hairdresser and make-up artist and she shares her own story in her book, “A Hairdresser’s Diary” which gives a glimpse of a life lived in front of a mirror.

cover-finalkindle“Hairdressing is an act of transformation. We search for the hairdresser that can change us with just the right cut, just the right style. When we find our hairdresser, we make a new friend, often telling them stories about our lives that we don’t share with everyone. They become the keeper of our diary. Sometimes we wonder what the world looks like from their eyes. The Hairdresser’s…

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Please share your story

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Edits, edits and more edits

Behind every book is an author

Behind every book is an author

For all those non-authors out there I would like to tell you just how hard it is to write a book. It is not the stories or the writing itself it is the editing, editing again then more editing and when you think it is all done there is more editing still.
Then there is the final proofreading and editing again. Wow! But now it is done – how funny because three weeks ago I thought I was done. When I wrote those glorious words The End, I somehow thought it was just that, the end.
Well other than my cover being finished we are the end. Yessssss!
Well I am drained and to think I am thinking of writing another, I must be insane.

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