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As some of you know I have been trying my hand at recording an audio book for A Hairdresser’s Diary. Well it has been a hoot so far. I tried 5 times. The first time I made a million mistakes, the second time I got to the last paragraph and the phone rang and it was picked up on the recording SO back to the beginning we go. Well I did an excellent 3 Rd receding when Moka our cat jumped up n my lap and me owed right into the microphone . By now I knew the chapter off by heart no longer having t read it. So once again I was recording, the phone on mute, the cat outside yeah! This had to be the charmed time – recording #10. I was so proud of it, no mistakes, no outside noise yippee.

Well my grandson noticed that my voice could be played back in many different voices, one of them being a chipmunk. He played it over and over again, laughing so hard he could hardly breathe. I must admit it was very entertaining. But after the 100th time I heard that one word, that one haunting word, the one that should not be there, the one that made it so I would have to record the whole chapter once again. In the voice of a chipmunk I said -one bedroom school house instead  of one room school house

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Well, I have been thinking about something for sometime now. My sister in law, Cathy has a friend who wanted to read my books but could not because her eye sight is so poor. Ever since that day I have  been considering trying to do an audio book. So this morning I had my son Doug show me how to do it. I can promise nothing accept to try.Please wish me luck..

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Latest interview

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Latest interview

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Anyone remember these?

Not long ago Sandi reminded me of all the paintings on tee shirts, sweat shirts, jackets etc I did and that her son now grown has kept his. Just then Kathy surprised me with a clipping out of the paper of her and I at the Paris fair selling them. Do any of my friends, family or customers remember these? It feels good to reminisce. I had 100’s of designs I only have pictures left of a handful.


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Original by Chris

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Another original


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