What a difference a day makes


It is amazing how ones life changes from day to day and how we do not notice most times and then wham! A week ago yesterday my husband had a heart attack. He over the last 35 years has had 2 triple bi passes, 7 stents but never a heart attack. He has been very lucky to have been- in my terms fixed each and every time. So we were sad to hear the news this time that not only did he have a heart attack but also, one of the stents are no longer working plus he has another blockage that they cannot get to. This time he cannot be fixed. It was to say the least, a shock to us and our family but I want to tell you even with his new restrictions we will make sure we live each day to the fullest if at all possible.

I am sharing this for two reasons, 1, because I wanted to let you know why I have been silent these last few days and 2, to thank all of you who sent prayers and well wishes for his recovery. He is home now and we will thank God everyday for that.

Bless you all.

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