Clothing designs

These are just a very few of the pictures I chose to paint on sweatshirts, jackets, tees, vests, nighties, blouses, carry bags, tote bags, The list goes on. I have approx 200 patterns and that does not include the ones of people’s pets. This is how I taught myself how to paint in the first place. This is what I chose to do to help me deal with my daily chronic pain.

These were embellished with hundreds of hand set stones, studs and ribbons. I painted for a clothing designer but the designs I did for her are not posted here except for the denim jacket that took me 3 weeks to paint and had 400 stones. The painting started on the front and wrapped around to the back covering the whole jacket. This one piece sold for $700.

This is the only art I know of that you can put in the washing machine and have it look just as beautiful time after time.


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