Where are all the hairdressers?

I must admit I would like to hear from some of the millions of hairdressers out there that have something to share. I know that we have had some wonderful, horrible and exciting things happen in our careers. Maybe you could share with us.

Do you have a favourite customer?

How about a faithful customer who has followed you to other salons?

What about the most embarrassing moment of your career?

Your favourite place to work. Or if your specialize what do you specialize in?

Do you have stories from beauty school?

I know you have a story or two about manicuring, massage, pedicures, haircuts, tints, perms, bleaching. The list goes on.

I would like to share them all.

I have made some changes…

I have made some changes to my ART pages, POEMS pages and I have posted another part chapter from my book. I hope you can find it enjoyable.This posting is called Marissa and the lice saga, I know you will be itching to read this one I have also added a new poem to the POEMS page called DEAR LORD. Sometimes we need to hand our problems over to Our Lord who can handle it all for us until we are strong enough to handle it ourselves.

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