Testimonials about A Hairdresser’s Diary

It is always so nice to receive nice words about our work. I am now writing chapter 10 in my sequel. These letters below assure me I have something to share.


Hi Chris,

You must have known I was thinking of you, and I’m sorry that I missed you as I really wanted to tell you in person what an amazing book you’ve written. I have tried several times to email you how much I enjoyed reading your book, but the words never seemed enough to express my feelings and thoughts. But here goes:

Thank you so much for letting me read your book! Your book was both heartbreaking and truly inspiring at the same time. To think of all that you had to endure and concur in such a short time span and still be able to laugh and love is truly amazing! I loved reading about the hairdressing tricks, techniques and colour charts. (Some people are so funny in their thinking and what they think works best for them!)

It was very heart wrenching to know what your childhood was like and to know that a mother could give up her child so easily and then continue to take advantage of you. I am so glad that you found Ron and that you were able to put your past behind you and create the family life you should have had and deserved.

Congratulations on your wonderful book and for showing that you can overcome your problems if you are determined enough and that there are some very special people in this world who are there to help you along the way. Congratulations Again Chris!




Continues to be a lovely book, Chris, and I am so enjoying your “hairy” tales…wouldn’t want to change a thing….although I don’t like coming to the end of a chapter, i must say some of the best parts are your last lines. You have a terrific way of ending your chapters.






I would have loved being in “your” chair!!! You gave so much of yourself, and enjoyed your work, giving the client a personal experience that led to greater self esteem.

Looking forward to the next book! I am just reading along hearing YOUR  story has not been boring nor repetitive at all! As I said before, I remember these times of change, and appreciate the knowledge shared.


Leslie W


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