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If you have not already read ‘A Hairdresser’s Diary’ now might be a great time to enjoy this inspirational memoir. You can find it at any of these links. Read the reviews and then write your own. You can get it in e-book or printed form. If you prefer an autographed copy you can now get a digital signature for your e-book on or .com.

A Hairdresser’s Diary / what do you want to read?

I would be interested to know what you would like to read from my book A Hairdresser’s Diary. My story is non fiction and starts when I am six years old. My trials of growing up and what some of the obstacles were that made me who I am to-day. I have stories of my attending hairdressing school, my mentors, customers and those who employed me.
How I became a hairdresser and model.

I have so much to share so please let me know what kind of things you would like to read.

The emotions in my story can be like riding a rollercoaster. I hope that this will give others the will to go fo what they want in life and fight for it.

I have also added a new Flabbermouth story – Introduction to painting – knees up. I hope these stories amuse.

Tidbits from my book

I have decided if I am going to post tidbits from my book I should keep them all together so you will find them under the proper heading “A Hairdresser’s Diary” from now on. This way reading them will be so much easier.

My Bangs – First you see them and then you don’t

This is one paragraph from my book A Hairdresser’s Diary. To set the stage I was still in hairdressing school.

Next, it was my turn to volunteer to be a guinea pig. Until now, I had never been to a hairdresser. Only my mother and I had ever cut or curled my hair. I started watching students closely, to decide which one of them I was willing to trust. I wanted one of the new haircuts that were very popular in all the fashion magazines. Shaggy bangs were everywhere and I had not had bangs since I was a kid. I liked them and wanted to be the first in our class. I thought Evelyn was my best bet so I volunteered to be her model. Her specialty was going to be in artistic cutting. She would be able to create the cut that was different, one created with scissors and a razor, giving the bangs a very attractive shaggy look. Ready for the transformation, I was a bit apprehensive, but still excited. Evelyn was very pleased she was going to do a cut that none of us had attempted before. Everyone in our class surrounded us, watching as Evelyn made the first cuts with her scissors. Evelyn asked if I was happy with the length and I nodded, my head yes. As I nodded Evelyn made her first cut with the razor and sliced a huge piece out of my bangs. My long shaggy bangs were now a two-inch uneven fringe in the middle of my forehead. Evelyn had forgotten to put the razor guard on, protecting both her fingers and my hair from such a dramatic cutting mistake. I could hear gasps and see the shock on the faces of the other students. I heard one of the students say “Oh my gawd, what happened?” I looked in the mirror and horror spread over my face. I felt like I was going to cry. This was not easily fixable! Suggestions would have been appreciated but none were forthcoming.

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