First of all I would like to thank all our Vets on this Remembrance Day for without their bravery and love of humanity and our Country we would not have the freedom for me to be able to finish this posting.

Next I want to thank everyone who came out to Cole’s bookstore yesterday to support me. Especially those who bought my book A Hairdresser’s Diary and those who showed interest in the sequel. Marg, Danny, Mrs, Buck, Donella and the lovely family who bought one for their ‘Oma’ who at 80 still cuts their hair. Katherine, Mrs Lee and the others who purchased for family or friends as Christmas gifts. I thank you all. But I cannot leave out Cole’s bookstore whose staff made me feel welcome and comfortable. It was a wonderful day.

God has given me a gift and showed me how to share it. I am truly blessed. My book has taken a whole new direction in the last week. That is as an inspirational works for those who have dreams but feel their dreams will never be. It all started after I received this e-mail.

To Christine Hannon

I want to tell you what your book means to me. I want desperately to work

with animals. I cannot think of ever doing anything else when I grow up. But

my mom and dad think I am not smart enough to go to school for this. I

might not be but I have a chance to work part-time at a shelter. I cry when I

think of those puppies and kittens suffering or being alone especially at

night. So I offered to stay a couple of hours at night so they have company. My

dad says this is a waste of time. It is never a waste of time to do something

you love is it? I am sending this to you because after reading a few of the

pages of your book on-line, they would only let me read a few for free. You

gave me the guts to make my mom and dad listen to me and I have decided I

AM GOING TO WORK WITH ANIMALS. Thank you and bless you for

giving me courage.

Nan age 14

BLESS YOU NAN, wherever you are.

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