Family – 2012

This year is almost over and another to begin. As I sit here looking at family pictures on FB I thank God for you all. I realize once again how much I miss our son Terry and son-in-law David and granddaughter Courtney. It has been a couple of years since we have seen them or visited with them. Thank goodness for pictures and the internet.
We have lost a couple of members of the family who we will definitely and truly miss.
On a sweeter and happier note we have expanded. Shandra our granddaughter is engaged to Jack and our family will grow as we proudly add Jack’s family to ours.
Ron and I started our family 49 years ago when we were only 19 years old ourselves. Christine our oldest made us a family. Then our son Terry and our last son Doug made us five members strong. They in turn now have families of their own.
Thank you Ron for being the one who started this amazing family with me. What started out as Ron and Chris has continued to grow.

Christine’s family is now Christine, Glenn and Shandra

Shandra’s family is now Shandra,Jack and Owen.

Terry’s family is now Terry, David and Courtney.

Doug’s family is now Doug, Linda and Ronnie.
Ronnie is only 7 so we have to wait a couple of years for him to make us even

You make me so proud I love you all and wish you the best for 2013. Happy New Year my dear family.

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