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As an author, especially a first time author, I am excited when given the opportunity to share my story. It is awesome when a reader e mails or calls me with a wonderful testimonial or  when I get five-star comments on Amazon or any other media site. I have been honoured with many wonderful interviews through the posts of many amazing people, some being authors themselves. So on Feb 26th at 10:30 PST I will be privileged to do a radio interview with Sherri Rabinowitz and a chance to get the word out about my book A Hairdresser’s Diary and the sequel I am now writing. If you have a moment on that day, please tune in at the link below.





Back to the real world

Well I told myself this morning I should get myself out of this winter rut and back into the real world. As everyone else in this great world we have had our share of illness and death in the short few months. I think we are all finally feeling better and on the right track to get on with the day.

I want to share with you my friends that I have 14 chapters written for my new book ( the sequel to ) A Hairdresser’s Diary. I am wracking my brain on what to use as a title but I know one day when I least expect it, it  will come to me.

I would like to take this opportunity to share a chapter from this book with you. I hope you will find it interesting.


This is part of Chapter Seven.

Within eighteen months we took a newly built house with only dirt and mud for landscaping and transformed it into a showpiece with a golf course looking lawn with lovely trees and flowers. People would stop as they passed just to feel our grass. One couple asked if they could take their shoes off and walk on it. They could not believe it was real. Ron always cut the grass in both directions so it would be perfectly manicured. Now it was our turn to have others ask us for our advice on landscaping. This pleased Ron and it showed. It was during one of those lawn manicuring sessions that Ron’s life changed and changed forever. At the young age of thirty-five, he suffered severe chest pain. Shadows of his father’s death hung over him. Before the day was over, Ron had been diagnosed with coronary artery disease. Fear and uncertainty ruled his thoughts while he waited for hospital arrangements. He still recalls the day when we were all playing and laughing during his fearful wait and he was thinking to himself, “How can they play and laugh when I might die?”

My burning question was, “How could this strong, young man have heart problems?” As we had been with every other challenge that came our way, we were determined to beat this demon and to do it as a family. Our families and many of our friends offered their support. As a family we shed many tears and it was obvious we were all so terrified. The kids had no idea what was in store for their dad all we knew was this was a life threatening and risky disease. Ron and I tried to hide the worst from the kids but we could not protect them from what the future was to bring. Ron always felt his father was too secretive when it came to his health so he was adamant that his kids be fully informed. But we found they were amazingly strong and did whatever they could to make a terrible situation easier on us. We had no time for anyone or anything. Everything else in our lives were put on the back burner as we needed our strength and focus to deal with this ugly monster – heart disease. I must be honest the question that permeated my minds several times during this time was,” Had we gotten too cocky, comfortable or seem to be ungrateful now that things had been going smoothly for us? We had a perfectly manicured lawn but our lived were all but that. Had we as a family forgot how to share or give to others? I did not think so but was this a reminder to rethink? Was there a cost to being happy that I was not aware of? I was envious of those who’s lives seemed to run seamlessly smooth and who had no idea what pain either physical or mental was all about. I felt ashamed that I had these thoughts. I needed to shake off these feelings and get back to reality. I thanked God for giving me the strength to do what needed to be done and asked him to make me less selfish.

First of all I would like to thank all our Vets on this Remembrance Day for without their bravery and love of humanity and our Country we would not have the freedom for me to be able to finish this posting.

Next I want to thank everyone who came out to Cole’s bookstore yesterday to support me. Especially those who bought my book A Hairdresser’s Diary and those who showed interest in the sequel. Marg, Danny, Mrs, Buck, Donella and the lovely family who bought one for their ‘Oma’ who at 80 still cuts their hair. Katherine, Mrs Lee and the others who purchased for family or friends as Christmas gifts. I thank you all. But I cannot leave out Cole’s bookstore whose staff made me feel welcome and comfortable. It was a wonderful day.

God has given me a gift and showed me how to share it. I am truly blessed. My book has taken a whole new direction in the last week. That is as an inspirational works for those who have dreams but feel their dreams will never be. It all started after I received this e-mail.

To Christine Hannon

I want to tell you what your book means to me. I want desperately to work

with animals. I cannot think of ever doing anything else when I grow up. But

my mom and dad think I am not smart enough to go to school for this. I

might not be but I have a chance to work part-time at a shelter. I cry when I

think of those puppies and kittens suffering or being alone especially at

night. So I offered to stay a couple of hours at night so they have company. My

dad says this is a waste of time. It is never a waste of time to do something

you love is it? I am sending this to you because after reading a few of the

pages of your book on-line, they would only let me read a few for free. You

gave me the guts to make my mom and dad listen to me and I have decided I

AM GOING TO WORK WITH ANIMALS. Thank you and bless you for

giving me courage.

Nan age 14

BLESS YOU NAN, wherever you are.

When we make a difference

I know that as authors we hope that in one way or the other we will make a difference when people read our books. It could be they will learn to do something, they will be entertained or know there are others who have the same problems. It could also be that we touched someone with the hand of God to be given a safe haven, to give strength or even to let them know they are loved. Whatever your book does or says someone somewhere will find the message.

I was blessed to have had that special opportunity. When I wrote A Hairdresser’s Diary I was hoping for many of the reactions listed above, and recently I was blessed to know that a young girl after reading my book took the leap to better her life. She  decided that if I could do it and live through the pain and hardships so could she. In her e-mail to me she thanked me for giving her the strength to look inside herself and see the goodness and love she had inspite being told differently from her family. We talk about bullying in the schools and in the work place but how about the bullying in our own homes. I was this young girls call for help and I answered. I am proud of that. The amazing thing is my help came in the form of my book.

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