Just another day in the salon

One of the most frustrating conditions for an older woman was having their hair styled, then having a hot flash. The newly finished hairdo became soaking wet, undoing everything. More than one of our customers had to deal with this frustrating problem. We as beauticians felt bad but all we could do was to restyle it for them. I was far too young to understand what they were going through but I could feel for them. This was not only time consuming but also an embarrassment for many.

One of the things I enjoyed most about my career were all the different people. With a world of diverse backgrounds, I learned so much about other interesting cultures and their immense range of cooking ideas. The fact I loved to cook foods from all around the world this was a definite plus to my career. I had my very own cooking school housed right in my own beauty chair how perfect was that? When my customers brought me homemade foods from their homelands to try, I was honoured. There were some awesome cooks in my clientele.

We had our own yellow page phonebook right at our fingertips. If items could be made, sold, fixed or decorated, we always knew a clients who could achieve that or knew someone else who could. From chef to funeral home owner, banker to bus driver we knew them all. If you stop to think about it, do you know anyone who has not been touched in one way or another by a stylist or barber? The clients that came in for a service could be rubbing shoulders with an elected official or the town gossip and never know the difference.


With a faithful following, I was amazed at what they remembered birthdays, anniversaries, our children’s and spouses names. In away we became part of their extended families.

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