Coffee anyone?

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I had one of the funniest things happen to me as I was going through the drive through of Tim Horton’s. I know, I know it would have been a heck of a lot faster to just park the car and walk the ten feet to the counter, instead of waiting in line for half an hour. But, I was in a hurry lol. I take my coffee with what I call tons of regular milk, or some say, coffee with my milk. So, I asked for a large coffee with 1/3rd regular milk. The young man sweetly said,”anything else today?” Politely I said back, “no thank you that will be all.” I did not pay any attention to how much he said I owed, because I had a fistful of change ready. When I approached, I was met with a very bewildered young man who by the way, did not have a coffee for me in hand. I looked at him and said,”large coffee with 1/3rd regular milk?” He looked at me  very sheepishly and said, “sorry miss, I know what half and half is and what cream is, even regular milk but I do not know what 1/3rd regular milk is.” The girls standing behind him tried very hard not to bursts out laughing as they explained to him I wanted 1/3rd of my cup filled with regular milk with my coffee. He smiled although embarrassed but I learned a valuable lesson as well be more specific at Tim Horton’s drive through.The coffee was perfect by the way.

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