A time to reminise

This morning I was talking to one of my fans, I had a flood of memories I had long forgotten wash over me. I forgot about the burns some of our customers received while having the new and improved cold perms. The cotton soaked stips that were placed around your face and neck to PROTECT but really gave the amonia a place to collect and cause irritation and even burns. We as women wanted the newest trends and were willing to go through anything to get them, even burns.

I was reminded of the colour that was left on our customers faces around their hairline leaving red marks when we tried to remove it with colour remover.

How we used special shampoo to remove the lacquer left  from the hairspray which coated the customers strands of hair so much it looked like white specks on the hair.

The smell of burning or scorching hair while using overly hot curling irons. I for one did not escape my share of burns on fingers, hands or occasionally on my arm.

The hairstyles that lasted at least a week if not two. I for one was sought after for my ability to make those thing happen.

Just talking about these things make me appreciate all the wonderful changes in the years but makes me miss my career even more.

I curse the drunk driver who changed my life so dramatically everyday but I do not allow him to rule my life. As a matter of fact if not for the turn of events I would never have become an artist or an author.

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