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If you have not already read ‘A Hairdresser’s Diary’ now might be a great time to enjoy this inspirational memoir. You can find it at any of these links. Read the reviews and then write your own. You can get it in e-book or printed form. If you prefer an autographed copy you can now get a digital signature for your e-book on or .com.

What better gift than my books

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Yesterday a customer called to order four of my book A Hairdresser’s Diary to give as Christmas gifts. I am so honoured that she wants to share my work with so many others. So I am begging your patience as I take a few moments to advertise my books in hopes for a few last-minute holiday sales. We as authors or at least this author finds it awkward at times to do this. I am proud of my books so why does this seem like I am walking across thin ice to hand a drowning person a helping hand. On one hand I feel good I have something exciting to share and on the other I have to be careful doing it.

We should sing from the rooftops about our accomplishments and yet sometimes we hold back afraid of offending someone or in some cases with family and friends afraid they think us braggarts. So risking this I am posting the links to my books just in case there is someone on your list who might enjoy reading one or both of these books. Thank you all.

Gossip, secrets and trust


A couple younger hairdressers that I know had a couple of comments to make about what they read in my book. One of the comments had to do with gossip,secrets and trust in the salon. They both said they decided to pay more attention when they went to work. They wanted to see if what I wrote about and what was happening now was even close to comparison.

Taking into consideration we live in a small town and the hustle and bustle of the big city where I worked will make a slight difference. Natalie said the four days she paid attention she noticed that the older clientelle was more like the clients I wrote about, while the younger ones were more like one timers.

They both found that the biggest tipers were men. The walk ins left the lesser amounts. Unlike the noise in the salons with everyone sharing as in my book they both said the salons are very quiet almost like a library. I wondered how much does the hairdresser play in this? Maybe they are more reserved than I am. I do know the few customers I still have here at home share everything with me but I have been doing their hair for over 25 years.


They both agreed that customers old and new seem to want to share anything and everything in their lives. These two friends and hairdressers I know for sure hold what is told them sacred. They both thought my book should be and inspirational book read in all salons or hairdressing schools. Eye opening information for the newbie was Sandra’s thoughts.

All in all they both said that things have changed but not to a great extent.


How do you feel about your beauty experience? I would really like to know.

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