When we make a difference

I know that as authors we hope that in one way or the other we will make a difference when people read our books. It could be they will learn to do something, they will be entertained or know there are others who have the same problems. It could also be that we touched someone with the hand of God to be given a safe haven, to give strength or even to let them know they are loved. Whatever your book does or says someone somewhere will find the message.

I was blessed to have had that special opportunity. When I wrote A Hairdresser’s Diary I was hoping for many of the reactions listed above, and recently I was blessed to know that a young girl after reading my book took the leap to better her life. She  decided that if I could do it and live through the pain and hardships so could she. In her e-mail to me she thanked me for giving her the strength to look inside herself and see the goodness and love she had inspite being told differently from her family. We talk about bullying in the schools and in the work place but how about the bullying in our own homes. I was this young girls call for help and I answered. I am proud of that. The amazing thing is my help came in the form of my book.

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