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Anyone remember these?

Not long ago Sandi reminded me of all the paintings on tee shirts, sweat shirts, jackets etc I did and that her son now grown has kept his. Just then Kathy surprised me with a clipping out of the paper of her and I at the Paris fair selling them. Do any of my friends, family or customers remember these? It feels good to reminisce. I had 100’s of designs I only have pictures left of a handful.


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Original by Chris

Just one more and I will go on to something else.

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Another original

Just wanted to share another painting from my portfolio.This is 16 x 20 in acrylic and oils.

Waterfall, Christine Hannon

Original painting by Chris

I received some wonderful reviews for yesterday piece of art so I decided to post another. This is acrylic and oil.

winter footprints

Winter footprints

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My Artwork

I thought I would take a break from daily things and post a piece of my art today.


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Pray for Me (MRS N) #meditation #prayer

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Asking for help

I’m taking my own advice today and asking for help.

For the past week, I have been dealing with a horrible sinus infection. Normally, I can handle that. But this time, I have extra fun with nosebleeds. Every day, my nose (for whatever reason) starts bleeding non-stop.

I went to the doctor and he said it’s perfectly normal and I need time to heal. He offered surgery but I declined. I try to avoid surgery at all costs.

I strongly believe in the power of positive thinking and prayers/meditation. But I’m weak and in need of help.

Please pray/meditate that the nosebleeds stop permanently. Please pray/meditate for strength to return to my body. Please pray/meditate for my spirit to be boosted and for the smile to return to my face.

I thank you for listening and for standing with me in my time of need.


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