What God dropped into our laps

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We have all heard the story about the abandoned kittens. The ones left on the doorstep or thrown away like trash, by some uncaring and heartless person. Well I have a different kind of story one I promise will melt your heart.Above is the picture of a perfect and beautiful baby kitten. She is only 3 or 4 weeks old.

I want to start at the beginning. Most of my readers will recall me talking about our beloved Cercie.


She was our baby for 19 years. We acquired her when she was only a couple of weeks older than this little angel you see here. Last year when she could no longer take care if herself and she started to get weak we were advised to have her put to sleep. I held her as she drifted away and the look in her eyes was “thank you mommy” she went peacefully and didn’t even struggle. I am telling you this for two reasons, one because we swore we would never have another animal again. We were so broken-hearted and two, because the cat (approx 4 weeks ago) that everyday walked down our fence and jumped onto our roof looks identical to Cercie. The first time I saw her my heart caught in my throat. I thought I was looking at a  reincarnated Cercie.

We didn’t pay much attention as Cercie in her youth used to jump from the fence to the roof as well. But the day before yesterday ( in the evening) I could hear a noise, a very faint noise which sounded like a bird or maybe a kitten. I brought it to Ron’s attention but it was faint and very random so we dismissed it. The next morning, Ron heard it again but this time more constant and a bit louder. We could hear it the  loudest in the front hall closet. Ron, wanting to see if there was an animal in distress went into the attic and looking in the area where the noise was coming from he saw mommy cat. Her head was peeking out from between the walls. First of all, he was concerned how she would have got in and also he was concerned about the kitten we were hearing. We could only hear one. It was not long after mommy saw Ron, that we saw her walking down the street. Ron was concerned and called the vet in town who assured him that mommy would be back, and they thought the only reason we heard only one was that mommy probably had moved the others to a warmer place. The one concern they had was that she was probably feral, for if she had a home, she would have had her kittens here.

Now we had a dilemma, we needed to find  the way she was getting in and fix that but if we did it too soon, mommy would not be able to get in to feed her baby. But the meowing was now not just a faint noise it was getting much louder and almost constant with only short rests in between. We were waiting for mommy to come back but she didn’t. We were very concerned that because she saw us she might abandon her precious one. We were assured with another call to the vet, this would not happen.

I was getting anxious though as Ron could not see any kitten or pinpoint exactly where the cries were coming from. So I called my daughter, Christine and her husband Glenn, who are in the roofing business, to please come and help. They were out-of-town so could not come immediately  we had to wait. The meowing was breaking my heart. I was having trouble believing that mommy was coming back even though we were assured she would. So several hours later Glen was up on the roof where he found the place mommy was getting in. We knew he had to seal it so other animals didn’t take up residence but we had a baby to worry about. Glenn then decided to find the little one from the attic and bring it down for mommy to take where she had taken the other ones. He could not find it but we could still hear the heartfelt meowing. Suddenly mommy showed up as predicted, but as Glenn was in the attic we were afraid of a confrontation with mommy and Glenn in very close quarters, so Ron decided to keep her away best he could by feeding her. She was starving and wolfed down the food he put out. That also was a sign she was a stray.  Christine and I could hear the baby and it seemed further down the wall now. Having mommy under control, Glenn was safely out of the attic and in the closet pointing to halfway down the wall where he said baby had slid to. Without hesitation he cut a hole in the wall near the floor of the closet and out popped this white ball of fur. The little angel was chewing on the gloves Glenn had on in a ravenous manner. Christine was desperately  mushing cat food up in her fingers while this little mit inhaled it every so often nipping a finger, She gave her water in the same manner. Baby looked at us with her big blue eyes as if she was thanking Glenn for rescuing her, and Christine for feeding her. The two of them bonded immediately. Now, we had a quick decision to make. Mommy was just outside the door eating and we had her baby in our hands what do we do? Do we give her to mommy so she can become another abandoned animal or do we break our promise and add a new member to our family? If it was just Ron and I to consider, the choice would be easy, but we are moving within a year and will be living with our son, daughter in law and grandson, and they have 2 cats already. After talking to the Humane Society we decided to be foster parents until we can get all of these things straightened out.

Yesterday we found out the kitten is a 3 week old little girl, who already thinks we are her family. She eats, plays, cuddles, and has stopped crying. Christine is in love with her and our grandson is coming to-day to see her for the first time, and we have asked him to name her. Now I ask you once they look into those beautiful blue eyes do you think she will have to find a new home? I think God dropped her into our laps.

My granddaughter Shandra

Shanny 003 Shanny 002

Anyone that has read my book “A Hairdresser’s Diary” knows how much styling long hair meant to me and my career. My granddaughter Shandra is getting married this July . My dream has always been to be the one hairdresser of choice for all the brides in our family including in laws. Well I have been blessed as I have had that chance. What you are seeing in this picture is my granddaughter. This is the dry run before her wedding. You might ask why this would be necessary? well as most of you know I am just getting over another surgery this time on my left knee. Being the kind and considerate granddaughter that Shandra is, she has been concerned that I might cause myself pain either with my back or my knees on her wedding day and not be able to attend or enjoy her special day so she asked me to do her hair and take pictures now. This way I will have the pictures  of my loving work  for my ‘grandmothers album’ I am making for her. She looks like a Greek Goddess and I am proud to say she was in love with her hair. 

If you look hard enough you can see fine braided woven throughout her hair. This was one of my signatures that made my styles set apart from other stylists. Remember this was over 50 years ago and are no longer a rare embellishment. I enjoyed every second of this special day.





Aspiring Writers anthology

I am pleased and proud to be one of the authors in the new book. There are many gifted authors who are being showcased. Please take time to check it out.


Aspiring Writers anthology is up on Amazon



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New awards

I want to thank Sharla for the lovely awards she bestowed upon me. It is with great pleasure and pride that I accept them. Thank you http://catnipoflife.wordpress.com/. Please be sure to visit her incredible blog and say hi.


When family and friends notice the little things.

I had my eyes opened yesterday and what a delightful surprise. I is amazing how many family and friends noticed and followed the things I am doing with my book. My heart was touch when several asked me how my book signings went. Even more encouraging was the fact that even though I am the first author in the family I certainly am not going to be the only. Three other family members were talking to me about their books or pending books. I can only wish that I might have had just a little influence on their decision.

I had compliments on my cover and title which made me feel proud. Some even remember me looking like that.

I am working on ‘A Hairdresser’s Diary’ sequel and this support will make it so much more enjoyable to write.

I have had several customers and friends ask to please be included in my new book and those who I’ve asked give a resounding yes to my request. I respect the trust they have put in me.

This is a thank you to you all both family and friends.

A True Thanksgiving

As most of you know this weekend was our Canadian Thanksgiving. So as usual we get together, have our traditional turkey and say our prayer of thanks. This year Thanksgiving ment a lot more to us as a family. The fact I once again had and survived cancer, then our daughter in law just the days before was hospitalized for internal bleeding. No one seemed to know what was happening. Our little grandson not knowing for sure why mommy was in hospital , somehow knew she was sick and he needed a lot of attention. She had every test available and they were inconclusive as to why she was bleeding but what was certain was there was NO cancer. Our prayers were answered and she was home with the rest of the family.

Thanksgiving was indeed a perfect day for being thankful.

God is indeed good,


Does any one remember these?

While I was putting my files together for my sequel for ‘A Hairdresser’s Diary’ I came across these picture I was going to put in the book. So I thought I would see how many of you remember ever seeing these items. These where some of the items that were in the Dungeon of Beauty in the basement, of the hairdressing school I attended over 50 years ago. I cringe at the thought of having to use them today. We thought at one time they were so new and innovative.

I have included the paragraphs out of my book so you can relate to the pictures. If you still use these you need to update lol lol.

Here is the story.

Even the basement of the school was very interesting and informative. It housed a museum set up to teach us the history of hairdressing. In the far corner, sat a huge machine from the year 1928 that had been used for perming hair. It had wires hanging down from the top of a cylindrical dome. The wires conducted heat to brass rollers, which in combination with a solution permanently curled the hair. The solution used to make the curls was very harsh and damaging, but vanity out weighted the risks. The contraption looked like something from a science fiction movie, something used for torture, definitely not like a machine used for beauty. Against the cement wall was a long wooden table, lined with very old curling irons, these in their time were placed in hot coals or heated on a wood stove, then used to make ringlets or curls. These were Marcel irons, named after the inventor. A separate table held curlers made of rag strips with wires in the center. These folded over like a billfold to hold them in place once the hair was wrapped around them. There were wooden rollers made from durable hardwood and held in place with wire clamps. Weirdly crimped, twisted wires, shaped in elongated u shapes were used for hairpins. The collection even had an old-fashioned, heavy, bulky barber chair, which showed many years of service. Off to one side sat an antique hair dryer that looked like something from outer space with its large, oval-shaped ridged hood. There was a full table of hand-made wigs from the early 1900’s, giving us a wonderfully dramatic look into the past. There was much to learn from the instruments and many interesting stories hidden in the basement, or as we came to call it, the dungeon of beauty.



Why a book about hairdressing?

As a child, I suffered a life of cold, hunger, abuse and neglect. My little girl dream was to one day become a hairdresser. There was something calming in my world of chaos when I immersed myself into playing with hair. It all began with my dolls. My career as a hairdresser, model and makeup artist took me on a remarkable journey. Meet Helena the founder of -free services for the needy program- setup in our school of hairdressing. There are so many that will touch your heart make you laugh or cry. Share the stories, gossip, secrets and humor involving the lives I touched and that touched me. The lessons learned witty moments, accomplishments and disappointments. I write about the students, Melissa who was deaf, Billie and Dorothy only naming a few. The teachers like Miss Boobie Two Shoes or Mrs. Kitchen, customers and employers. Betty, Nora, Joel and more. All who have passed through my life. Sit in my virtual chair as you relive those times with me. Through my ears, listen to gossip, the disappointments or joys of so many. I will take you for a walk down memory lane. Hairdressers, cultivate a trust and relationship not shared with any other profession. Every person you know has been touched in one way or the other by a hairdresser or beautician.

My answer to those who ask me that simple question is I have no simple answer. I hoped I would be an inspiration to some, a reason to laugh for others or just a bit of history to more. I hope I can make you can feel the huge scale of feelings I lived through during this time.


I threw this poem in because when I was writing it I was reminded of the times we as students experimented on each other.



Walking Through The Mall

I saw the strangest sight today, walking through the mall
None of it made sense to me, made no sense at all

I was not sure if it was real or just something from a book
It wore the strangest colours and had the weirdest look

Its nails were blue as well as lips, oh what a sight to see
The hair had rainbow colours. Not real or could it be?

Its eyes didn’t match each other, one green the other blue
The clothes mismatched and torn, to show off its hoo hoo

Stripes and checks and patterns, in pink and orange and grey
Way too tight and way too short, its body on display

Hey you, I heard a holler and I turned in time to see
A group from a masquerade party coming straight at me

I guess it goes to show you that prejudging is not right
Prejudice of the unknown might be clouding up our sight

Angel Tears


“Angels Tears”

An Angel shed some tears to- night ,

And they fell to earth as rain.

The thunder was her sobbing ,

And the lightning was her pain.

These tears she shed in sadness,

For the pain she knew you bore.

For the loss she knows you suffer,

And the hurt you must endure.

The sobbing for the heartache,

And the loss you’ll feel inside.

There’ll be an empty feeling there,

A hurt you cannot hide.

The lightning brings the brightness,

Even though it shows her pain.

She knows that even with God’s Love,

You will never be the same.

But the brightness, of that lightning

Will light your loved ones way.

As they join the Heavenly Father,

On this very remember able day.

So when an Angel sheds those tears.

Those tears are meant to show,

That they are sharing in our pain,

And how they love us so.

So next time that it’s raining

And you hear thunder in the sky.

Or the lightning brightens up the night,

In your heart, you will know why.


Chris H

Gossip, secrets and trust


A couple younger hairdressers that I know had a couple of comments to make about what they read in my book. One of the comments had to do with gossip,secrets and trust in the salon. They both said they decided to pay more attention when they went to work. They wanted to see if what I wrote about and what was happening now was even close to comparison.

Taking into consideration we live in a small town and the hustle and bustle of the big city where I worked will make a slight difference. Natalie said the four days she paid attention she noticed that the older clientelle was more like the clients I wrote about, while the younger ones were more like one timers.

They both found that the biggest tipers were men. The walk ins left the lesser amounts. Unlike the noise in the salons with everyone sharing as in my book they both said the salons are very quiet almost like a library. I wondered how much does the hairdresser play in this? Maybe they are more reserved than I am. I do know the few customers I still have here at home share everything with me but I have been doing their hair for over 25 years.


They both agreed that customers old and new seem to want to share anything and everything in their lives. These two friends and hairdressers I know for sure hold what is told them sacred. They both thought my book should be and inspirational book read in all salons or hairdressing schools. Eye opening information for the newbie was Sandra’s thoughts.

All in all they both said that things have changed but not to a great extent.


How do you feel about your beauty experience? I would really like to know.

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