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Asking for help

I’m taking my own advice today and asking for help.

For the past week, I have been dealing with a horrible sinus infection. Normally, I can handle that. But this time, I have extra fun with nosebleeds. Every day, my nose (for whatever reason) starts bleeding non-stop.

I went to the doctor and he said it’s perfectly normal and I need time to heal. He offered surgery but I declined. I try to avoid surgery at all costs.

I strongly believe in the power of positive thinking and prayers/meditation. But I’m weak and in need of help.

Please pray/meditate that the nosebleeds stop permanently. Please pray/meditate for strength to return to my body. Please pray/meditate for my spirit to be boosted and for the smile to return to my face.

I thank you for listening and for standing with me in my time of need.


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3 Responses to “Pray for Me (MRS N) #meditation #prayer”

  1. Ronnie Dauber Says:

    I’m sorry to hear that you’re suffering with this sickness, Chris. You are certainly in my prayers. You get lots of rest and we’ll trust God together for complete healing.


    • Chris Says:

      Hi hon this request was not for me. It was for Mrs. N who requested prayer a couple days ago. I am just same old same old. But your paraders are welcomed still.


  2. successbmine Says:

    Praying that the Lord will touch you at the root of the problem and heal you completely. May the peace of God be with you and keep your heart and mind and bring your body into a state of health. God bless.


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