A Hairdresser’s Diary by Christine Hannon @cerciegirl #inspirational #books

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Title: A Hairdresser’s Diary

Author: Christine Hannon

Genre: Nonfiction, Inspirational

Book Blurb:

My little girl dream was to one day become a hairdresser. There was something calming in my world of chaos when I immersed myself into playing with hair. It all began with my dolls. My career as a hairdresser, model and makeup artist took me on a remarkable journey. Meet Helena the founder of -free services for the needy program- setup in our school of hairdressing. There are so many that will touch your heart make you laugh or cry. Share the stories, gossip, secrets and humor involving the lives I touched and that touched me.

The lessons learned witty moments, accomplishments and disappointments. I write about the students, Melissa who was deaf, Billie and Dorothy only naming a few. The teachers like Miss Boobie Two Shoes or Mrs. Kitchen, customers and employers. Betty, Nora, Joel and more…

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