Sequel to A Hairdresser’s Diary / Scissors Retired

Well it has been a long road, writing this sequel. I had a lot of help with editing, designing and putting together all the pages of information needed  to make sure it would be the best it could be. I am so delighted because in a few days I will be able to see this book in print. It is always exciting when everything is finally complete.

I wish I could say I did it all by myself but that would be a lie. I have to thank my editors Jo-Anne Ballarano, Ronnie Dauber and publisher Betsy A. Riley. I would be delighted if you would take the time to visit their websites.



My husband Ron designed my book cover for the first and this book. Thank you honey.

A special thank you to my family and all my friends and clients who without them I would not have had a book to write. Bless you all.

So stay tuned for within a short time I will be announcing the launch of ‘A Hairdresser’s Diary / Scissors Retired’ on Amazon in print and e book.

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