Writing about chronic pain

Hi all I am asking for your help. I am starting on my new book and it will be about chronic pain and how to handle or deal with it. My question to you all is, how interested would anyone be on the way (bad or good) that doctors handle us who suffer? i do not want to include information that might offend others. I have many horror stories but also some happy ones. Please let me know your feelings on this.

Thank you all.

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  1. Chris Says:

    Thank you Yvonne I have already started asking others about their experiences and getting their permission to add them to the book. The response so far is positive. My only concern was using doctor treatment – good or bad- in this book. I will in this book like I have in the other two I have written, change the names of those it might offend.


  2. Yvonne Hertzberger Says:

    I think you need to be honest but balanced. And to do that you will need stories from others as well as your own. Each person’s experience is unique, both from a personal pain perspective and in how the medical professions treats it. It could be a fascinating book – but you’ve set yourself quite a challenge. Good luck.

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