God is testing me again

I am re posting this because of my new postings to do with Chronic Pain. I still suffer from many of these injuries and surgeries. I would like to hear from others who have the same or similar stories.

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Yesterday I was a very angry, tear soaked nutcase. I have just had surgery for cancer on my back and I have a very large incision that is still healing. This was my 29th procedure and the third this year. That did  not include the three pieces they removed for biopsies. So wed I went to my family Dr for few problems I am having due to the surgery. Having to lay on my left side for five weeks as the incision was on my right side was so very painful. I had just last year had surgery on my left shoulder for a rotator cuff tear.  I had a bad fall. At the same time I tore the meniscus in my right knee and the rotator cuff in my left shoulder. At least I tell people I was well balanced no favoritism.

So you will ask,”Why not lay on…

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