My latest published story

Just a reminder that sisterly love is forever and unconditional

Christine M. Hannon, Author, Artist, Poet and Entrepreneur

For the love of a sister

In my fifty years of hairdressing, there have been many, many changes and an immense development of improved products, but there is one thing that I think will never change. That is man’s love for a woman with long flowing locks. Now it is easy for us as hairdressers to add length, almost any length to our client’s hair with the use of extensions. It is amazing when you think of it. We can make ourselves taller with heals, slimmer with spandex and sexier with extensions.

I could have used them the day Missy came in for a haircut. It was your average warm summer day. Being a Tuesday we were not overly busy and she was a walk in. In fact, she was our first customer of the day. Specializing in long hair, I was in my glory to see her sitting in…

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