Just Another Day ?


Here we are just another day right? Not to us who have pain to deal with each and every day.You would think we would get used to the pain. Not likely, what we get used to learning to live with it.

How many times have you heard ”Well after awhile you must get used to it.” These people have probably never had a pain in their life or if they did it was not the debilitating, mind numbing, teeth clenching, unrelenting, life altering chronic pain.

If you are feeling like me today then it may be the weather which is causing you to suffer. I know, I’ve heard it so many times before, “The weather cannot cause you to hurt more.” Well that comment comes from someone who doesn’t suffer joint pain or aching.

I find it amazing how those who do not suffer, always have the answers for us that do. That included our DOCTORS. How many doctors do you have that are going through the same thing you are? Just because their training says it should be so does not made it so.If you have any ideas or CONCOCTIONS that have helped you I would love to be able to share them with our other members.

I have found that my views on laughter being THE BEST MEDICINE  no matter how short term have helped me and many of my group members of S.A.S. cope a little easier.
Everyone of us knows someone who needs support. Share your stories with us.

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