Is Dialogue Really Important in a Story?

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christine de pizanAs we dive into writing our short stories and novels many of us wonder if dialogue is really necessary. We struggle to get our characters to say what we want them to say and so we often just skip over it and get them to mumble a few insignificant words. The story seems fine to us because it’s alive inside our head, but the reader won’t know what that is unless we write it. So, is dialogue really important for our story?

Yes, dialogue is very important in fiction stories and in non-fiction stories for several reasons.

1. It allows the writer to show and not tell what is happening; a method that is far more dynamic to the reader than paragraphs or even pages of seemingly useless description. The writer can use dialogue as a means to describe people, places and things without incorporating long, descriptive paragraphs that tend…

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  1. catnipoflife Says:

    Chris, thanks for airing this post by Ronnie. Visited and left comments on her site. Very interesting article to which I totally agree about including dialogue! 🙂


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