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punct_treeImproper use of punctuation can make or break a sentence, but what’s worse is that it can also turn your readers away. You might ask, “Does punctuation really matter?” The answer is, “Yes, it really matters”.

The purpose of “punctuation” is to turn a group of run on words into a meaningful reading passage. Punctuation breaks the monotony of many words and forms them into separate thoughts, actions and dialogue. Without punctuation the story has no meaning and few people would bother to read it, except for maybe those who want the challenge of attempting the impossible. And yet at the same time, the page of words with incorrect punctuation can be just as boring and meaningless.

Many authors don’t give proper respect to the various forms of punctuation and as a result their stories don’t flow smoothly and don’t always make sense. Here are a few pointers supported…

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  1. catnipoflife Says:

    I love this, Chris! Brings back some wonderful memories in a similar but yet different situation. It goes back to my teaching days of mathematics. The question: Does the decimal make a difference? Every year I would take my classes on a field trip. What a hoot when one found McDonald’s advertising cheeseburgers for .39 cents (envision the cent sign). One even challenged a manager about the ad and ended up getting his cheeseburger for less than a penny! Yep! The decimal makes a difference just like any other punctuation 🙂


  2. Sherry Says:

    Thanks for the reblog. I am on my way to read the rest of it. I believe it is very important. Incorrect punctuation trips me up and I am anal enough to highlight the errors in my Kindle. lol


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