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Sydney 2009 New Year Eve FireworkEvery facet of a short story or novel has its own unique importance, and each one needs to be carefully put together and presented in order for it to be effective. The title should be catchy and persuasive because it invites the reader to our creation; the book cover should grab their attention and draw them in; and the book description should captivate them into reading the story. But the ending is the thing that will make or break the story.

A good ending will leave the reader satisfied that the story has ended, and yet at the same time it will leave them wanting more. The ending of any novel or short story is our hidden invitationto readers to get to our next story, so it’s crucial that the ending be a good one.

The ending of any narrative ties in all the conflicts that we’ve written…

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  1. catnipoflife Says:

    Even though I am not a writer of a novel, I found the information very interesting. A great deal I even found apropos to my poetry writing. Thank you for sharing, Chris. Hopefully more writers will follow your lead onto her article.


  2. Ronnie Dauber Says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Chris. I hope more aspiring writers will read this and that it will help them to perfect their work.


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