Seasons by Chris Hannon


Those lazy days, those hazy days,

Just before the spring,

Those blowy days and chilly days,

When you don’t hear birds that sing.


It’s on those days, those dreary days,

When you would like to stay in bed,

Just to dream away the hours,

With covers o’er your head.


Those days are last of winter,

T’was a time of joy and fun,

A time of snowy wonder,

But now those days are done.


I know I am discouraged,

I know that I am blue,

I know I’m not the only one,

Because you feel it too.


And then you’ll see a difference,

In the people that you meet,

And it surely won’t be long now’

We’ll complain about the heat.

7 Responses to “Seasons by Chris Hannon”

  1. angchronicles Says:

    thanks for the winter prep.


  2. Sandra McLeod Humphrey Says:

    The saddest part is watching my outdoor plants and flowers give up the ghost as they finally give in to the freezing nights.
    Love your post!


  3. catnipoflife Says:

    That is life! You nailed the seasons:>)


  4. Chris Says:

    Just wanted everyone to get ready for the cold winter days. This way you know the heat will come right after.


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