My Black furry friend

Meet Boots. He is no longer with us he is now in kitty heaven. Why am I sharing a picture and story of my dear friend and furry family member with you? Well I belong to a group that talks about and share their stories about their animals and this morning one of the stories had me crying. I read that if my sweet precious Boots was out this time of year in certain parts of the world he would be used or killed for satanic rituals. This would happen because he was a black cat.  Can you believe that? This precious, loving friend would have to fear for his life. Am I so nieve that I expect the whole world should love all Gods gifts not use them for superstitious rituals.

I miss you Boots you made our life better by loving us.

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  1. catnipoflife Says:

    Chris, I have a Boots now – she is a grey long hair, my baby:>) She is usually in my lap even when I am typing on the computer. I, too, once had the black cat. Shiva was a Tuxcedo cat and gorgeous if that is acceptable for a male cat. He disappeared and we believe someone stole him. It breaks my heart to think someone might actually harm him because of his color. Sounds like a human trait, doesn’t it? *sigh*


  2. successbmine Says:

    I had two cats many years ago (at different times) and both were named Boots. One was all black and inherited the name from the first one for lack of imagination. Boots number one had white feet and white on his face. It is a real shame that people use harmless and helpless animals for the devil’s purposes.


    • Chris Says:

      Diane there should be a special place in hell for these monsters. My Boots had white feet and white on his neck. He had a personality like no other cat we ever owned. We miss him so.


  3. Chris Says:

    Thank you all


  4. sandra305 Says:

    Chris, nothing happened when I tried to post my comment. My comment was: Our pets are “family” and I still miss those who have passed on years ago! Thanks for sharing Boots with us! Sorry, I couldn’t post it. Many Hugs, Sandy


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