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This morning as I was getting ready to write another chapter in my second book I was remembering two amazing family members who had since passed on. These two dear souls made our lives so much more blessed. Cercie and Boots. I thought I would just share a little about Boots with you to-day.

Meet Cercie (right) and Boots. Boots had a personality that no other cat could match. He came to us as a starving stray. Cercie who is spoiled rotten, let him come in and eat.. That was 15 years ago. He never left. He was a friend to all. One evening while sitting in the office working on our computers ( they are in the basement office) I heard a noise outside the window were Boots & Cercie usually come in. Looking in at me was a huge pair of glowing eyes. I thought Boots was wanting in so I went to the window to see two pairs of eyes staring at me. There was Boots and a raccoon standing beside him, both looking in the window together. What a site. Well accept one cat who terrorized him hE was so friendly that he didn’t realize how mean this other cat was. Because of this other cat he had several surgeries. One of the surgeries consisted of having his tail removed. This sound weird but if you knew Boots you would think he looked funny WITH A TAIL Each time he came so very close to death Ron would spoon feed him back to health. We tried to talk to the family of this other cat but they were not the listening kind. We could not keep Boots in the house at all times as he had been a stray. The vet said he would think we were punishing him. The last time he got bit he got another infection and finally we had to have him put down Christmas Eve 2003. This broke our hearts. We all miss him so much. He had away of opening up the front door to come in. Sometimes I hear the door and expect to see him. He would chew on my hair and lay on my head. What I wouldn’t do to have him here to do that again.


I have many Angels Remembered on my website


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  1. catnipoflife Says:

    Love your angels remembered each time I read one of your stories. Thank you, Chris, for sharing an important part of your life:>)


  2. Choc Chip Uru Says:

    That is a lovely story my friend, it touched the heart 🙂
    Thank you for sharing, you are very talented.



  3. successbmine Says:

    I love your story, Chris. I used to have two cats (different times) named Boots. The second one had quite the personality – the kind you can do without. He could get a little vicious at times. But he gave us a lot of laughs, too. Though I don’t have any pets, I do love animals. They bring something special into your life even when they aren’t your own. Thanks for sharing this story.


    • Chris Says:

      Diane we had to have our bleoved Cercie put to sleep this summer. She was 19 and just could not keep going. It broke our hearts but we n eeded to let her go.
      Did you grab a free copy of my poem book on amazon?
      If not it is available til to morrow. VERSIFY
      If you did please enjoy


  4. Sandra McLeod Humphrey Says:

    That is so beautiful but sad and I am so looking forward to reading your next book!


    • Chris Says:

      Thank you Sandra. My proofreader keeps asking me for the next chapter as I only send them one chapter at a time lol

      Did you grab a free copy of my poem book on amazon ?
      If so thank you and enjoy


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