Does any one remember these?

While I was putting my files together for my sequel for ‘A Hairdresser’s Diary’ I came across these picture I was going to put in the book. So I thought I would see how many of you remember ever seeing these items. These where some of the items that were in the Dungeon of Beauty in the basement, of the hairdressing school I attended over 50 years ago. I cringe at the thought of having to use them today. We thought at one time they were so new and innovative.

I have included the paragraphs out of my book so you can relate to the pictures. If you still use these you need to update lol lol.

Here is the story.

Even the basement of the school was very interesting and informative. It housed a museum set up to teach us the history of hairdressing. In the far corner, sat a huge machine from the year 1928 that had been used for perming hair. It had wires hanging down from the top of a cylindrical dome. The wires conducted heat to brass rollers, which in combination with a solution permanently curled the hair. The solution used to make the curls was very harsh and damaging, but vanity out weighted the risks. The contraption looked like something from a science fiction movie, something used for torture, definitely not like a machine used for beauty. Against the cement wall was a long wooden table, lined with very old curling irons, these in their time were placed in hot coals or heated on a wood stove, then used to make ringlets or curls. These were Marcel irons, named after the inventor. A separate table held curlers made of rag strips with wires in the center. These folded over like a billfold to hold them in place once the hair was wrapped around them. There were wooden rollers made from durable hardwood and held in place with wire clamps. Weirdly crimped, twisted wires, shaped in elongated u shapes were used for hairpins. The collection even had an old-fashioned, heavy, bulky barber chair, which showed many years of service. Off to one side sat an antique hair dryer that looked like something from outer space with its large, oval-shaped ridged hood. There was a full table of hand-made wigs from the early 1900’s, giving us a wonderfully dramatic look into the past. There was much to learn from the instruments and many interesting stories hidden in the basement, or as we came to call it, the dungeon of beauty.



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  1. successbmine Says:

    Chris, I remember quite a few of these items. My mother used those metal curlers until she died three and a half years ago. There may even be a couple around here yet. She used to have those clips to wave the hair, too. I remember the curling tongs. My mother used them on my hair when I was about 4 and I remember being terrified watching her hold them in the flame on the gas stove that she would burn my neck with them. The neck clippers she also used. I think I sold them at the market a number of years ago.


    • Chris Says:

      I saw some of the metal curlrs at a flea maket awhile back in the original pack if they did not smell so bad if smoke I would have bought them. How fun to rmemember how far we have come.


  2. Yvonne Hertzberger Says:

    I have owned a few, used a few and recognise all by two of them. I guess that really dates me. lol


  3. Sandra McLeod Humphrey Says:

    I’m still hung up on the perming machine–talk about tortuous treatments! Thanks for the nostalgic (or maybe not so nostalgic) glimpse back into the past!


  4. catnipoflife Says:

    Some of them I do remember from my mom’s shop, especially the machine from the year 1928 that had been used for perming hair. I will never forgget the wires hanging down from the top of dome. Ii reminded me of an alien:>)


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