From my new book VERSIFY

I posted this poem from my new book VERSIFY. I think anyone who has ever moved will identify with these words.

New Friends

We moved to this fair town,

Not too very long ago,

We left behind our friends,

To make more as we go.

The sadness that we felt,

As the truck did pull away,

Would be replaced with joy,

At our new home far away.

The night of our goodbye party,

When we shed so many tears,

And the promise of writing letters,

And visits throughout the years.

And then when we are settled,

Into our new home town,

There’s that dreadful fear of loneliness,

Until new friends, we have found.

We faithfully write those letters,

Just as often as we plan,

But as the time does pass,

We write only when we can.

We never will forget you,

And we’ll surely keep in touch,

But having found new interests,

It won’t happen quite as much.

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8 Responses to “From my new book VERSIFY”

  1. allinthedayofme Says:

    From birth to marriage I lived in one place on longer than three years. Since marriage 54 years ago I lived in three houses but all in the same town!


  2. successbmine Says:

    This is so true, and a lovely poem. Once separated by miles and circumstances we do tend to let our friendships sag a little. As I think I already told you, I have had one friend for over 60 years and we do keep in touch from time to time. Another friend, whom I have known for over 40 years, suddenly dropped back into my life a few weeks ago. I had not seen her or had any contact for probably 15 years or more. It was wonderful that we could pick up where we left off. Other former friends I have no idea where they are and I often wonder what they are doing. But there is no way to track them down. It’s kind of sad in some ways, but life moves along and we have to go with the changes it brings. There is always something to replace what we leave behind, someone to fill the place of a friend left behind.


  3. sandra305 Says:

    So beautiful, so poignant!


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