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As authors, we can get so involved with our own work that we totally segregate ourselves from the rest of the writing world. When we do take a break and look around us, we see that an author here and another author there has reached their accomplishments, and we question our own feelings. Do we feel joy or envy?

Sometimes, we work really hard to write a particular story or article or even a book, and it’s taken all of our thoughts and our time as press towards the mark of getting it published and making it a successful publication. Many of us are linked together in different social or business networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn, so we have met many other authors and we have an idea of where they’re heading.

But sometimes when we see that they have become well-recognized and accepted because of something they published…

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  1. catnipoflife Says:

    Great article, Chris. So glad you reblogged. I left comments for Ronnie!


  2. successbmine Says:

    This is a good article, Chris. Thanks for reblogging. I left a comment for Ronnie. We really do need to support others if we hope to get any encouragement from them. And for such a little input (no cost except a few moments of our time) the result can be great to someone in need of a word to uplift and spur them on.


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