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Many authors understand the importance of the use of past, present and future tense, and they will use all the correct wording in their stories. Others, however, aren’t trained and don’t know how to apply the correct tense, and so they will write their story with a mixture of all three. They know what they mean but the reader can get lost and confused, and the only venue they have to follow is the author.

Before we begin to write anything, whether it’s a story or a book, we must determine what tense we’re going to write it in.  Will we write about something that happened? Something that is happening now? Or that will happen in the future? Once we know this, then we know which tense to write the book in.

A story that has already happened will use past-tense verbs like did, was, knew, ran, cried or laughed. Present tense stories will use words like does, is, knows, runs…

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