Support and kindness cost NOTHING!

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post from an author friend who wanted to know why her friends and family seemed to avoid her now that she was a published author. It seemed since her book was no longer in the making but now for sale, the promises by friends and family to buy her book all of a sudden vanished. Well I have received a ton of e mails from other authors who have said the same thing. There were even a couple of authors who said they had purchased books by fellow authors just to show their support only to find the favour not returned.

Further information brought some of the reasons to light. I heard some saying some books are very pricy for some to put out. I am not sure but most have e books that are cheaper. I know my book is in softcover and e book and the e book is only $2.99 no deliver ect.

But this is not only related to authors but also to us artists. I am one of the lucky ones. Several of my family and friends have stepped up to support me and in many cases they have purchased more than one copy. And they have my painting hanging in their homes.

Jealousy is a strange beast.There will always be those who will never ever be supportive in any form. Not having money is no excuse it cost nothing to be verbally or emotionally supportive. I cannot always pay the price asked for a book but I can always spread the word.

Lets treat each other like we ourselves would like to be treated ok? Pretend you are the author what would you want from your family and friends and do it yourself.

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  1. Promenade Claire Says:

    Wishing you well. It does rather sound like jealousy or is it just unthinking, others not realising how important it is to the person who wrote the book? As you say support doesn’t have to be financial, it can be simple words of encouragement.


  2. Claire Cappetta Says:

    Interesting post as I am about to self-pub… but then again I’m not relying on family. I’m working that if I push elsewhere enough I can get sales. I think at the end of the day if I sell some and I help one person then mission accomplished. That’s what I said when Vin talked me into publishing it.
    One of the reason’s I’m publishing it in September is it’ll be ready for the Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Oct.


    • Chris Says:

      You are right about family. I was not relying on family either as the family already know my story . I wish you luck and let us know when you are published.


  3. catnipoflife Says:

    Chris, again your words hit home! When my first book came out, friends and family were so supportive. Then, came the second and I still have two boxes of books on hand:>( Now, with the third on its way, just getting them to respond on fb or my blog(s) is worse that pulling hen’s teeth! LOL:>)


    • Chris Says:

      Just watch what happens when you become famous or even just well known. Then they will be scrambling to tell everyone how you are related or friends. Do you think Stephen Kings family and friends ignore him lol not likely.


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