First Impressions


Yesterday one of my friends posted a story on her blog about first impressions.She felt at a special meeting she went to that she did not make a great one. She said she wished she could do it over again so I am posting a poem I wrote over 40 years ago for someone who I wish I could do a do over for.


First impressions are deceiving
And so often very wrong
The ones that seem the weakest
Most often could be strong.

The quiet ones, the loudest
The obnoxious ones, unsure
The silly ones, the saddest
And the rude, we must endure.

First impressions are not honest
Nor are they really fair
Let’s hold off on those impressions
Til the next time that we share

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6 Responses to “First Impressions”

  1. allinthedayofme Says:

    Very well written and very true. Thanks for sharing!


  2. catnipoflife Says:

    Chris, this really nailed first impressions! The old saying ‘first impression is always right’ does not hold water in my book! Everyone needs a second chance. . .great poem!


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