Preventing getting sued


 I read something this morning that is was a little scary to all of us that post on websites or blogs. The writer was talking about being sued for using pictures he downloaded from the net and used in his blog. Even after he removed the pictures ASAP that didn’t seem to solve his problems. He was still required to pay the owner a hefty fee.

I know when I was looking for pictures for the cover and the inside of my book I realized that it would cost me when my daughter said, “Mom after 50 years of hairdressing don’t you have enough of your own pictures?” She was right I had tons, so I used my own. It seems that might have been a great move. I am not into being sued or even threatened to be sued. The instructions sometimes are very vague on whether they can be used or not or how they can be used.

I hope this will help those out there who are not careful on what they copy from the net.

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  1. Yvonne Hertzberger Says:

    There are a number of sites that have pics available that are public domain. You will be safe if you use those.


    • Chris Says:

      Good afternoon Yvonne. I myself am aware of that but the post I was referring to this morning makes me believe there are a huge population of people who do not.
      I did have a problem with a utube video once I even asked permission of the artist but after two days was told I had not and to prove it I kept the e mail where they said yes so they backed off and I removed it.


  2. catnipoflife Says:

    One more thought. . .if the shooter does not want anyone to ‘snatch’ a picture, why would he/she publish it to the WWW? I do wonder!


  3. catnipoflife Says:

    Chris, I also read an ariticle and it is pretty scary. I have a LOT of pictures accumulated on catnip. Where I have been careful to not use one with copyright notices, one could so easily slip through the cracks. May be time to bring out the camera!


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