Lets hear your scary hairdressing stories

While a customer was reading my book she e-mailed me to ask me what to do in a situation she had found herself in. She had asked for a colour in her hair that just gave her highlights. Instead when the colour was washed off her hair she noticed a very green highlight not the blonde she wanted. She was so upset with the hairdresser and couldn’t seem to get her to see what she was talking about. Instead of waiting to see what the hairdresser could do, she left went to another salon and had her hair all cut off.

First of all I told her as upset as she was she should have had the hairdresser fix it and second of all the second hairdresser should not have just cut off her hair she or he should have suggested a fix for her problem. I always say the customer has to take some responsibility for their hair but hairdressers also have to act responsible. I told her I would have done my best to fix the colour. Cutting her hair iff would have been the last thing I would have done.

Do you have or know anyone who has similar stories?  If so I would like to hear them.

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  1. nonfashionista Says:

    I never had a similar experience but I find it hard to say to a hairdresser that I don’t like what she’s done to my hair..I don’t want to offend her and I know she is a professional and she probably knows what best suits us right? But I decided that it’s up to us to tell them..otherwise they won’t know we don’t like it. Ultimately it’s your hair and your paying for a service and if they don’t provided like you want them you you have the right to tell them and she has to fix it. Just like any other service providing deal i guess..


    • Chris Says:

      You are right you are the customer. There is however a limit to what we can fix and what we cannot but you would already know that. I have a saying ” a mind reader I am not and I am only a beautician not a magician” Some customers have no idea what they want or what they need. I try to explain fully what they need BEFORE I make any changes. SOME TIMES i WOuld even do it in stages. It is amazing how many customers are petrified of change in any form. They sometimes just need a little time. If for some reason you do not like what the hairdesser has do you have every right to ask it be changed and or not to pay if she would not. You are the customer. Does the hairdresser have the right to be unhappy about having to redo it absolutely but she should not let you know how she feels.If you don’t feel a connection with the person doing your hair find someone else, This is important. Good luck


  2. catnipoflife Says:

    Oh, Chris, how I wish we could have met a couple of years ago while my mother was still alive. She was a beautician, cosmetologist, floral designer and I am sure she could have warmed the cuckles of your heart with many, many stories.

    Never had an experience with color but did with a permanent. [Why do they call them permanents anyway? They don’t last!] I was a teenager with LONG straight hair. Thought it would be cool to have the soft, flowing curls. Right? WRONG! It took two hours as I best remember just to get the curling rods in place, then the solution, you know the routine only to end up with LONG straight hair. The perm did not take! I must add. . .Mom was not the beautician; the lady that tried to perm my hair was Mother’s mentor! Go figure!


    • Chris Says:

      I wish I could have met her too. The problem you had with getting curls was long hair had to be piggy backed so the solution would get on all the hair. Not mant hairdressers I knew , knew that. I was lucky enough to figure that one out. lol yes you are right they should have calledc it agony .
      Thank you for sharing I e njoyed our visit


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