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Yesterday I was in a discussion with fellow authors and the subject was booksigning. When i was arranging my first one I was so frazzled not sure what I was supposed to do, how to dress or what to say. I am the last one that would ever be lost for words lol. I did know however that even though I could be my fun loving self I also had to be professional. This is a business.
I am writing this not only because I it was a discusson on one of our groups but also because of what I witnessed at a book fair.
I was talking to one author who was on her third book and her setup was perfectly done. Everything was maticulous but I noticed that if a customer picked up one of her books to look at it she would sit on the end of chair until the customer put the book down and then she would put it back lineing it up perfectly which made one customer look uncomforatable. She walked away saying.”I wanted to buy that book but she put it back.”
Another was dressed in short shorts and a halter top, I was not sure what her book was about but I passed by. One of the authors snickerered at the fact I self published on Createspace and would never be invited to join in one of these book fairs.
On the other hand there were the professional authors who dressed the part and acted the part but could kabitz with anyone and make the book buyers interested in their books. Some did not sell a lot of books but they will be remembered when clients see their books in the stores. Maybe I was overly critical looking at it from an authors point of view but all in all we are professionals right?

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  1. Paige S. Says:

    I hope to one day be a published author, but even the idea of a signing makes me nervous. Congrats on the book, and I’m sure your set up will improve with practice!


  2. Steve Piacente is my Self-Publishing Hero | Fighting Monkey Press Says:

    […] Book signings ( […]


  3. catnipoflife Says:

    Great post, Chris. Yes, as writers, we are professionals. I do feel looking your best (putting your best foot forward) is a must but I say, “Just be yourself!” Casual dress could be appropriate if in good taste and is of course, dependent upon the atmosphere of the signing. I don’t think one should be afraid of someone ‘touching’ his/her book. Afterall, it is what’s on the inside that is most important:>) Also, if the books become ‘unarranged/rearranged’, I would think that would indicate many visitors to the signing table. LOL:>)


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