When prayers are answered

Yesterday I went through my 29th medical procedure, my second surgery for cancer. Today I am foggy from the anesthetic and pain meds but I am not too foggy to thank all my friends and family and even those who not knowing me, still prayed for a successful, safe and speedy recovery. I would like you all to know that with your prayers God listened. I went into the OR without the stress that normally has hold of me. I knew when Dr. Chahal asked me if I had any questions before he started, that God would guide his hands and the smile on the anesthesia’s face told me he too would be guided. I was not in the least bit uneasy or frightened. 

Do I have pain? Of course I do I am still only human and I have very strict instructions so I will heal properly. But to all of you I want to thank you. Thank you for loving me enough to pray for me and for caring. God listened!


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  1. milenanik3 Says:

    Praise Lord.
    Chris,You are in my humble prayers.Blessing my friend!


  2. successbmine Says:

    I remember when I went in for my cataract surgeries last year and how peaceful I felt. I had never had surgery before. During the first one i lay there thinking I should be making better use of my time and started praying for someone. The Lord was certainly present during the whole procedure. He is faithful.


  3. successbmine Says:

    Praise the Lord! I will continue to pray for your strength to return quickly and that you will heal well with as little pain as possible. Rest, rest and rest some more. God bless.


  4. Yvonne Hertzberger Says:

    So glad it went well Chris. We are all with you in your recovery.


  5. catnipoflife Says:

    Chris, go glad to hear from you and that you are on your way to recovery! Yes, ma’am, God definitely listens:>)


  6. Ronnie Dauber Says:

    Praise God! This is a good report. Continued blessings.


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