Who is helping now


Yesterday while I was downtown Brantford for an appointment. I noticed that there were three people sitting in the park. It was obvious that they did not have permanent or regular places to live. The shopping cart and the plastic bags all tied together gave me that impression. I watched them for a few minutes as they interacted and memories of the homeless and less fortunate that we helped while I went to hairdressing school came back to me. These images  as fresh as they were over 40 years ago. I asked myself who is helping these people now? They were obviously in need for a good shampoo, haircut and simple grooming. After all these years did they still not have some place to go and get the help they desperately needed? I felt such a great desire to pull out my scissors and give them the touch of kindness they deserved. My book A Cut Above Discrimination is their story the only difference is it was written by me 50 years ago.

I know logically I cannot do that but, “WHO IS HELPING THEM NOW?”

Maybe if enough people read my story someone will take responsibility.

I have published this short story on Booktango and Amazon.com. It is a true story and will make your heart ache.You may even take notice next time you are out for a walk in your downtown.

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