When a surprise becomes a blessing

When we write our stories or our books do we really know how the words we place on those lily white pages will affect others? I did not know. I was hoping that there would be a lesson for some, entertainment for others, and even a chance I might bring back memories for others.

I was writing my memoirs and the life I had as a hairdresser, model and make up artist. I knew there would be people from all walks of life who would find something between the covers interesting, titalating or at least worth a peek. What I didn’t know or expect was that the words between the two soft covers would bring me closer to my siblings.

If you have read my book you will know what I am referring to and if not I cannot explain it properly in these few lines. But when the words so carefully places, edited and rewritten were finalized I was not sure how they would be accepted by some family members. I was in shock and so overwhelmed when my youngest sister wrote to me yesterday and said, “Christine you have made me proud not because of a book but just by being you. The book is the icing on the cake but not the cake itself. You did not have to think it would take a book to do that did you?” I cried when I read this e mail because the answer to her question was , “Yes.”

So there was another aspect to my book that I never expected and that was LOVE. Love from a family I grew to love and who also grew to love me.

Then my mother in law who is 94 took the time to tell me how she found it difficult to put the book down that she was proud of me and she never knew I could write let alone write so well. My granddaughter who said, “Grandma I am so very proud of you.” and she really ment it. Surprises for all sides.

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  1. clarbojahn Says:

    I am so blessed by you and this wonderful post. Sometimes it takes a surprise like this to shock us to our senses doesn’t it? Remember, you are loved. 🙂


  2. Micki Peluso Says:


    Your memoir sounds wonderful–I’ll have to add it to my wish list to read soon. A memmoir well done can be a joy to read and yours sounds like a winner!!

    all the best,



  3. Yvonne Hertzberger Says:

    Glad you have such a great family. That kind of support means so much.


  4. Ronnie Dauber Says:

    It’s so wonderful to see God at work, and through this book He has brought you closer to the people who led you to write it in the first place. We serve a mighty God!


    • Chris Says:

      Ronnie each day new things arise from this book, It is obvious to me that all along this is what God had in mind for me. He is my pen from which my words emerse. I bless Him every day for this blessing he has bestowed upon me. We do indeed my friend we do indeed.


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