Book Signing Fears

Feather lady

On my I’m in a muddle

And not sure what to do

I get to sit behind a table

Writing, “From me to you.”


Do I sign, “To you my dearest friend?”

Or just the date and my signature?

Elaborate or write mushy notes

Is it proper at a signing tour?


Will I use a fancy feathered pen?

With a plumb of white or pink

Or an expensive easy writer

Maybe a Bic, cause it has ink.


Should I have my photo taken

And put on display for all to see?

I could put it in a scrapbook

Just to save for my family


Is it impolite to brag a bit?

Or feel important for the day?

Even though I am most humbled

To be honored in this way.


Boring I’m sure for some of you

Interesting and inspirational for some

The story of a little girls dream

And just how far I’ve come.


So when I sign my books next week

And the week that follows that

I will be thankful for the words that flowed

Knowing beside me the Good Lord sat.

This painting of mine reminded me of the PLUME feathers in one of those pens one uses at weddings so that is why I used this picture for this poem. I could see it now. You would not be able to see me past the feathered pen lol.






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4 Responses to “Book Signing Fears”

  1. successbmine Says:

    Love the picture! Especially the colour combination. I have always been partial to a blue/mauve colour scheme. All the best at your book signings.


  2. allthingsboys Says:

    Love it! Congratulations!


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