Paris my home town

I love to tease the people

About my small home town

When I mention Paris to them

Not France? They feel let down

It’s a pretty town in Canada

Just as pretty as can be

We brag our share of artists

And one of them is me

We have the Eiffel Tower

On the store shelves everywhere

Trinkets for the tourists

To show they have been here

I am proud to live in Paris

Calling us Parisians isn’t right

In London they are Londoners

In small town Paris we’re Parasites

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2 Responses to “Paris my home town”

  1. successbmine Says:

    Great poem, Chris. And Paris is a pretty town. I love the old look of the stores, too. Although I’m not sure I like all the new building going on. It won’t seem like such an intimate place any more.


    • Chris Says:

      I so agree I told hubby if there is one more light or one more tim hortons I am moving lol. It will no longer be quaint


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