World Of Darkness

World Of Darkness

My world is dark around me
Not a ray of sun is found
I depend on other senses
Like touch and smell and sound.

Please! Don’t feel sorry for me
That’s not the thing to do
Except that I am blind
I’m just the same as you.

I can hear the birds that sing
As they flutter through the air
I can touch the gentle petals
Of the flowers growing there.

I cannot see the colors
That make a rainbow grand
But I hear the whisper of the wind
And feel grass growing on the ground.

I can tell you by your footsteps
Feel your presence when your near
Identify you by your voice
And I’ve been known to shed a tear.

Poor soul, how he must suffer
I hear some people say
But they close their eyes to justice
So I’d rather be this way.

2 Responses to “World Of Darkness”

  1. milenanik3 Says:

    Beautiful poem my friend.
    You are so right about blindness of many,the utter blindness besides not seening with an eyes..seeing things with an eyes of heart is what makes us humans.
    Chris,have a calm day that is my wish for You!


    • Chris Says:

      Thank you so much my friend. I wrote this for a friend of mine who was blind and was ridiculed by some teens who knew he could not see what they were doing. They thought it was funny and I thought them ignorant.


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