My Love Was Like A Rosebud

My love was like a rosebud
Kissed by morning dew
Its fragrance was so fresh
Like the love I gave to you.

And like the tiny rosebud
So delicate and small
With just a little love and care
The petals will not fall.

But pluck it from its stem
You could almost hear it cry
It’s as if that tiny rosebud
Knows that it will die

My love was once that easy
To crush, to wither and kill
But you put a fence around me
And here I’m growing still.

But some of my tiny petals
Are a little worse for wear
My stem leans’ over slightly
And thorns are growing there.

I no longer sway so freely
In the gentle summer breeze
All my petals now are open

There are holes now in my leaves.

But unlike that tiny rosebud
I had someone to care
Although I’m worn and tattered
I know you’re always there.

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6 Responses to “My Love Was Like A Rosebud”

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  2. milenanik3 Says:

    Amazing poem Chris.I love it very much.Be blessed my friend!


  3. successbmine Says:

    Beautiful poem, Chris. And the painting is just perfect for it.


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