With everything happening in my life right now and happening so very fast. I have to stop and smell the roses and say a thank you to all those who are supporting me. This 67 year old retired lady who has never written anything but poetry has had the wildess ride of her life. And that ride would not have been sucessful if not for all those wonderful people who have been here for me and supported me. To you I give a hearfelt thank you. Then there is the greater power above that gave me the talent and a world of experiences to write from. I have been asked many times if I am angry about what has happened in my life. My answer to them this staetment. “If I changes just one second of my life I would not have a loving , amazing and caring family. I would not have the God gift talent of producing art or writing. Nor would I have the pleasure to know each and every one of you. I am not bitter although I have had my moments, but I know the Good Lord understands as I am still only human.” When reading the poem below please keep in mind I am grateful for each of my problems, illnesses or car accidents all 6 of them, is a story. A story that might help someone else.


“Do Not Let Go”

This morning when I said my prayers,
Did I ask for riches? No!
I only asked You hold my hand
And please do not let go.

I won’t ask You to take my troubles
Or make them go away
But that You hold onto my hand
So I do not go astray.

A hand up not a hand out
Is what I ask of You
The comfort of Your loving touch
Will help me make it through.

So as I say my prayers each day
Are my prayers for me? Oh no.
But for those who need a helping hand
And I pray You won’t let go.

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  1. successbmine Says:

    I love the design and colours in your painting. I don’t normally like abstract art, but this one is intriguing. It nudges my memory but I can’t quite grasp what it reminds me of. And the poem is such a positive statement. Thank you for sharing.


    • Chris Says:

      Thank you so much
      I have had people say it reminds them of Google earth, rivers, mountains,a pinwheel, flowers. I guess it is what you are thinking at the time. I am not a fan of abstract either but I had a few just burst out on my canvas and I don’t know were the inspiraqtion came from lol


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